Will You Take The Encourager Challenge?

I was really struggling with how to write this post. I wanted to make it seem epic – and it is epic – but in a pedestrian sort of way (I’m aware of the oxymoron). “How” you ask?

Well, here’s the deal: the world is full of detractors and distractors and discouragers. It’s almost as if we’re almost constantly surrounded by some undead version of life, constantly trying to suck us down to its level and force us into a depraved life of destruction.

As I ponder this, it bothers me more each day. It bothers me because sometimes I walk around like some angry zombie, looking for some life to destroy. It bothers me because I don’t believe life was supposed to be like this. Continue reading

Could Vision Fundraising Work for Your Ministry?

Have you ever wondered why some ministries and charities seem to struggle to secure financing? I mean, sometimes people serving the most worthwhile causes always seem to struggle to fund the work God has given them. And, let’s be clear, I believe God’s guidance, presence, and provision are our lifeblood. I believe that God will provide the finances for the visions he gives us.

Sure, some people will teach tactics like, “get financing from organizations and not individuals” or “always wear a nice suit.” And those can work. Maybe. But that’s not what I’m talking about.

I wonder if there’s a fundamental way that we can look at this differently. 

Frankly, I wonder if maybe ministries and charities focus on the wrong things in their communication. I wonder if maybe we should focus more on building relationships and sharing a vision of the future instead of only presenting the needs of the present.
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